First National Wanaka agents are committed to helping you plan a marketing strategy that will achieve the best sale price in the shortest possible timeframe.

Once you have decided to sell your home, the next major decision you must make is how much to ask for it. Here are some tips to help you with this process. With expert local knowledge our agents can assist you establishing a realistic price for your home.  We will estimate a price based on location, age, size, features and market variables such as interest rates, buyer demand and the availability of financing.

Who do you believe?
Avoid being influenced by the experiences other people have had with the sale of their homes.  After all, no two homes, streets, or seller relationships are ever the same.

An estimate of the sale price of your home can be obtained by researching sale prices that have recently been achieved, for similar properties, in your neighbourhood.

Remember, the true value of your property will ultimately be determined by the purchaser. It is the job of your agent to plan a campaign that will enable you to maximize their offer.

Pricing for the market
If your price is too high, you face the risk of preventing the most important ingredient of real estate selling – a combination of competing purchasers who are looking for homes in your price range.

Time is money
When it comes to selling your home, time is money. Every day a home doesn’t sell because it is incorrectly priced equates to additional expenses.  These can take the form of mortgage repayments, interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Realistic pricing increases the odds of achieving your desired sale price.  A home that is on the market too long sends a signal that ‘something must be wrong with the property’.

Like you, First National Real Estate has an interest in realising the best possible price for your home.  Sound, up-to-the-minute market experience and efficient service will help you price your home to sell.

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