Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest transactions of a lifetime, and I consider it a privilege to work with people and be part of this important process.

My motto is: “Don't brush away the cobweb... kill the spider”

I listen, am reliable, trustworthy and promise you excellent service. Attributes that compliment the First National Brand - “We put you first.”

My background is in the banking industry and I have experience in building and landscaping houses plus interior design. I have been involved in many real estate transactions and understand the challenges this can bring. My goal is to ensure your real estate experience goes as smoothly as possible.

I love life in Wanaka since shifting here with my family fifteen years ago. 'We live on holiday' - the beautiful lake and mountains, no traffic lights or traffic jams and you're in the school zone!

If you are considering selling a home or buying a property, or would like information on the property market, I would love to help. Feel free to call for a chat.